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Freddie Mercury
Abilities None
First Appearance None
Gender Male
Species Yellow Bird; Canary
Locations Video
Strength Unknown
Size Normal

Freddie Mercury is a Yellow Bird who appears in the Angry Birds animation "Freddie For a Day", which commemorates Freddie Mercury's birthday on September 5th, 1946. He looks similar to Chuck but has a crown, mustache, smaller eyes, and wears a shirt. He is styled after the rocker Freddie Mercury.

In the "Freddie For a Day" video , Freddie Mercury is seen riding on a bicycle with Red and the Blues. The music played in the video is Queen's song, Bicycle Race.

While riding on the bicycle, he is stopped by the King Pig, who is unamused that Freddie Mercury's crown is more decorated than his. The King Pig's crown wilts in disappointment. The video ends with Freddie Mercury flashing his teeth and crown, and moving on.

Freddie Mercury also makes a cameo appearance in the advertisement for Angry Birds Friends that was on the original page for Angry Birds Star Wars Facebook.


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