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Fry Me To the Moon 3-10 (Angry Birds Space)
Episode FMTTM banner
Level Number 70
Birds Sequence Lazer birdIce birdBlue birdsBig green bird
No. of Pigs Teamster: x1 Teamster: x5
Wonk: x1
3-star Score ThreeStars (Transparent): 130,000 points
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Fry Me To the Moon 3-9 Utopia 4-1

Fry Me to the Moon 3-10 is the tenth level in Fry Me to the Moon and the seventieth level in Angry Birds Space.


  • Three stars is rather difficult and the main tower can be hard to destroy.


For Fry Me To the Moon 3-10, fire the Lazer Bird into the small horizontal stone plank near the top of the Space Needle. This should cause the tower to topple eastward and onto the TNT. If necessary, use the Ice and Blue Birds to destroy the structure on the west side. Breaking those three mushrooms on the west isn't a bad idea either. As another alternative, the top of the Space Needle is rather unstable and occasionally will collapse on its own, so perhaps a zero-bird completion is possible. 


  • This level resembles Space Needle, located in Seattle, Washington, USA.


It is on the grass beneath the Planet and behind the Slingshot.


Angry Birds Space Fry Me to the Moon 3-10 Walkthrough 3-Star01:01

Angry Birds Space Fry Me to the Moon 3-10 Walkthrough 3-Star

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