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Full Metal Chuck
FT Chuck
Full Metal Chuck title card (Click to zoom)
Episode number 3
Air Date March 31, 2013
Written by Ian Carney
Directed by Kim Helminen
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Full Metal Chuck is the third episode of Angry Birds Toons. Chuck and the Blues appear on this episode. The episode can be seen on the Angry Birds apps on March 31. It also introduced Chuck's theme song.

Toons.TV Description

Chuck puts the Blues through their paces on a military training course, but who will come out on top?


The Blues are sleeping in the Slingshot when Chuck wakes them up. Chuck trains the Blues many things. He starts by showing them how to climb the wall, and falls down because the rope attached to the whistle tied around his forehead, then the Blues outperform him by climbing up and landing on an upside-down pyramid, while the two top birds play yo-yo, this made Chuck jealous. Chuck blows his whistle, and this time, he shows them the hoops. He demonstrated it for the blue birds but gets stuck in a hoop. One bird lighted the hoops on fire. They outperform him again by going through the flaming hoops twice. Afterwards, he sees that they were blindfolded, making Chuck really jealous. Later, Chuck shows the Blues how to be launched out of the slingshot, but the Blues want to make Chuck do it with very dangerous things. When Chuck was launched with an anchor then the anchor landed in a cliff, and Chuck was hung in midair. The Blues go back to sleep in the slingshot and Chuck tries to wake up them with his whistle but fails to. While the credits show, Chuck is yelling for help.

Characters (In Order of Appearance)


  • This is the first appearance of The Blues in the series.
  • Every time The Blues get bored, and when Chuck gets mad at the Blues, a harmonica plays.
  • The title of this episode utilizes the phrase "Full Metal", which describes someone who will stop at nothing to achieve his or her goals.
  • It's unknown how Chuck got out.


In the title card, the name of the writer is misspelled as "Ian Carny".

  • In the title card and coming soon poster, Chuck's whistle is red, but in the episode, it is blue.



Angry Birds Episode 3 Full Metal Chuck02:45

Angry Birds Episode 3 Full Metal Chuck

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