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Gale2ABStella (Transparent)
Abilities Stated to be "unknown" by Rovio.
First Appearance unknown
Gender Female
Species unknown
Locations Golden Island
Strength unknown
Size Medium/Large

Gale is a female bird in Angry Birds Stella and is possibly an antagonist in the game. She seems to despise Stella and her friends, as she and Stella glare at each other in promo pictures.

Gale is Stella's former best friend until one day they fell out diffrent ways. She earned the nickname "Bad Princess" when she put on the crown in order to control the minion pigs. She is obsessed with the golden egg and spends most of her and the pigs' time to find it. Part of her wants to reunite with her friends but she is blinded by pride, vanity, power, and greed. Multiple things make her angry and she is dangerously cunning.


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