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Glass Block Sheet

Glass Block Sheet

Glass/Ice is light blue in color. Among the three kinds of blocks, this one can be easily broken by all kind of birds. Levels with these blocks are often provided with Blue Birds, as they are very good at breaking these blocks. It is suggested to multiply. the bird in front on the glass block to maintain the greatest strength of the bird. Most birds slow down when they hit glass, but Yellow Bird slows down after only breaking one bit of glass.


  • Blue Birds are very helpful on destroying glass, especially when "shotgunning" or better, when split.


  • Strangely, Yellow Birds are weak against glass, despite glass having a much weaker strength than wood & stone.
  • Despite the game achieivement referring to ice and the Mattel board game being called "Angry Birds: On Thin Ice," Rovio has revealed, via Twitter that the material is meant to be glass.[1]
    • In Angry Birds Space, the light blue material called "glass", while the light blue material with some icicles called "ice".
    • It's darker in Angry Birds Trilogy.
    • It's Ice In Angry Birds Space, But There Is An Instance That Glass Could Be In The Game.



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