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Go Green, Get Lucky
Go green go lucky
Episode number 4
Levels 18
New features
Released March 10, 2011
Game(s) ABSeasonsNBATheFinalsIcon
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Hogs and Kisses Easter Eggs

Go Green, Get Lucky is the St. Patrick's Day themed scenario in the Angry Birds series, released as part of Angry Birds Seasons. It is St. Patrick's Day-themed, and thus, it contains many Gaelic/Irish items and scenery. In keeping with the previous holiday-themed episodes, it has items that can be smashed for 3000 additional points; in this case a pot of gold, alongside introducing items that instead award only 1000 points.

Go Green, Get Lucky has the same number of levels as "Hogs and Kisses", and even retains the format of unlocking levels via Facebook.


The following is from The World of Angry Birds Official Guide, as told by the Mighty Eagle:

It seemed the perfect place to protect the eggs. A mystical realm where no pig dared to tread. But gues what? Even King Pig's fear of four-leaf clovers couldn't keep him from chasing the nest.


Theme 1




Theme 2



  • Along with Easter Eggs, this is one of the theme versions of Angry Birds Seasons that has background music playing during gameplay.
  • The First Golden Egg (Not the Pot of Gold) has a Red Bird with a hat, but the Hat is just an accessory. This is the only time, where birds are wearing something while in the slingshot.
  • The King Pig does not appear in the last level, as he usually does. He is in a Golden Egg level. In that level, he looks somewhat bigger than his original size.
  • This is the first episode in Angry Birds Seasons, that uses the Google Chrome Design for the Bad Piggies in both the cutscences and the ending credits.
  • Some wood blocks have etchings of clovers on them. Hitting 4-leaf clovers present in a level could destroy these blocks all on their own.
  • In the First Golden Egg, the Red Bird rotates on the slingshot, because of a glitch in the hat he wears.


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