Go Green, Get Lucky 1-3
GGGL 1-3
Episode Go Green, Get Lucky
Level Number 3
Birds Sequence Red Bird x2
Yellow Bird x1
White Bird x1
No. of Pigs Small Pig x4
Medium Pig x1
3-star Score 54,000
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Go Green, Get Lucky 1-2 Go Green, Get Lucky 1-4

Go Green, Get Lucky 1-3 is the 3rd level of Go Green, Get Lucky. This level is more spread out then the other levels before it making it a relatively hard level. The four Small Pigs are vastly apart so it skill does come in handy. Using two birds to complete this level will end with a definitive 65,000+ whilst using three birds should be enough.

Three Star Strategy

This level does take some aiming, but after a few tries, you should get three stars. First, fire the Yellow Bird into the central structure's long stone block. It will topple over the structure, killing the pigs inside, then knocking over the stone wall, killing the fourth pig. Lastly, fire the White Bird and deploy the egg between the first pig and the Large Pig, hopefully killing both of them.

Video Walkthrough

Angry Birds Seasons Go Green, Get Lucky 3 Star Walkthrough Level 300:46

Angry Birds Seasons Go Green, Get Lucky 3 Star Walkthrough Level 3

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