Go Green, Get Lucky 1-5
GGGL 1-5
Episode Go Green, Get Lucky
Level Number 5
Birds Sequence Red Bird x1
Yellow Bird x2
White Bird x1
No. of Pigs Small Pig x4
Medium Pig x3
3-star Score 77,000
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Go Green, Get Lucky 1-4 Go Green, Get Lucky 1-6
Angry Birds Seasons Go Green, Get Lucky 3 Star Walkthrough Level 500:44

Angry Birds Seasons Go Green, Get Lucky 3 Star Walkthrough Level 5

Go Green, Get Lucky 1-5 is the 5th level of "Go Green, Get Lucky". This is the first level that is quite hard for any type of player. The level is shaped like a boat with Small Pigs in and on top of the boat. Other pigs are spread out quite far apart making it hard to kill all the pigs in a few goes. This level relies a lot on luck and skill so don't expect to win in one go.

Three Star Strategy

Firstly, you need to use the White Bird to bomb between the two masts. With luck, one of the masts should make the TNT on the right detonate killing most of the pigs. The pigs that are left need a bit of skill in killing them so get a good aim and fire those Yellow Birds.

Video Walkthrough

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