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Golden Egg Level 24 is a level of Golden Egg. It is found in Theme 16-9.

How to obtain

Go to Theme 16-9. Zoom it out and you will able to see a Golden Egg in the top of the cliff. Use a Yellow Bird to receive it.

How to complete

There is one Yellow Bird and there is 7 Small Pig, 11 Medium Pig and 9 Large Pig. 3 Medium Pigs are be holded by a rope, indicating they are acting as a tarantula. All you have to do is cut the ropes that are tying the pigs by using a Yellow Bird, then they will fall down and eliminate the other pigs. Wait for a while when the pigs are rocking around, and a humongous amount of TNT Crates and balls of stones will shower upon them, completely eliminating all pigs.

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