Golden Fields - 1

Zone Golden Fields
Type Normal Battle
Enemies 4x Farmer

2x Worker

Main Prize Seeds (Transparent):3
Previous Next
Puzzle Bridge Golden Fields - 2
Beard Forest - 1

Golden Fields - 1 is the first level of Golden Fields in Angry Birds Epic. It is a normal level. When this level is finished, the player may spin for 3 Seeds.

This level introduces the Farmer, a stronger stick pig, and Worker, which looks like Guard Pig but without the feathered lance and has no way to reduce the bird's rage ability. Beating this stage will unlock access to a Friendship Gate, which has a base cost of 25 Lucky Coins. Each friend who responded to your request to open the gate will reduce the remaining cost by 5. Unlocking this gate fully will grant access to an optional area, Beard Forest.


You have to engage 4 Farmers and 2 Workers. Each enemy's stats are shown below.

Farmer Farmer

ABEpicHP (Transparent) 136



Deals 32 damage



The pig stumbles and does nothing. Stupid pig.

Worker Worker

ABEpicHP (Transparent) 182



Deals 24 damage.


First, protect all birds by Red and Matilda's secondary skills when their secondary skills are expired. Then attack every turn that you like. Repeat this until you have conquered the following pigs.


Angry Birds Epic Golden Fields Level 1 Walkthrough

Angry Birds Epic Golden Fields Level 1 Walkthrough

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