Great Cliffs - 4

Zone Great Cliffs
Type Normal Battle
Enemies 1x Howler
Main Prize ShinySand (Transparent):3
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Great Cliffs - 3 Star Reef - 1

Great Cliffs - 4 is the first level of the Great Cliffs. You will fight with Howler (Banshee Boss). This pig can provides poison to you just like Matey but stronger and can call 3 other ghosts for help!

This level is only hard if you have chosen the incorrect birds and followed the incorrect strategy. The correct strategy is at the Strategy section of this page.


Howler Howler

ABEpicHP (Transparent) 2854


Siren Song

Deals 14 damage. Target also takes 136 damage per turn for the next 3 turns.


Ghastly Cry

Charge: 3 turns. Summons ghost allies.



Passive: Revives 2 turns after being knocked out.


Choose Matilda in Druid, Bomb in Cannoneer and The Blues in Rogues. Heal with Matilda if the birds' healths are not full and if they're full, attack with her. Then attack with Bomb and The Blues (After Howler calls for help, weaken the other pigs every turn until they are almost dead. Then, it will be easier to knock out them). Use the Rage Chili immediately on The Blues when it is full for the first time and on Bomb to destroy all ghosts at once when it is full for the second time. Repeat this over until you win or either lose.


  • You can only get 3 stars if you defeat the Howler before he calls the ghosts.


Angry Birds Epic Great Cliffs Level 4 Walkthrough

Angry Birds Epic Great Cliffs Level 4 Walkthrough