A greek pilar.

Greek Pillars are Items appearing in Angry Birds. They are the strongest of all the items.
AB ancientGreekpillar

A greek pilar in Piglantis.


While the pillars are difficult to break (usually using around 2-3 Black Birds) and limit the areas the Birds can reach, their main disadvantage is that usually there are not many of them in a level. Also, they do not protect materials below nor above them. This allows birds to attack from above and in certain circumstances, below, causing it to fall down, leaving the rest of the structure unprotected. However, if one drops an egg bomb with Matilda and subsequently crashes the Corpse into the pillar, it will break.


  • They are used for supporting Pig Fortresses. They are modeled after Ancient Greek pillars (more specifically, the Ionic style) supporting monuments.