Ground Hog Day 1-12
Episode Ground Hog Day
Level Number 12
Parts Wooden Frame x3

Black Soda Bottle x3 Wooden Wheel x2 Green Soda Bottle x1 Freckled Pig x1

Goal 1-star: Get pig to finish line

2-star: Acquire the star box 3-star: Finish the level in 10 seconds

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Ground Hog Day 1-11 Ground Hog Day 1-13
Ground Hog Day 1-12 (aka Bottlecart II) is the 12th level of Ground Hog Day.

3-Star Walkthrough

Build the same contraption from the first level. Put the black soda bottles on the left, right and bottom. Put the green soda bottle on the top.

Turn on all the Soda Bottles when you are in the middle of the hill. If you miss the Star Box or The time, turn them on earlier or sooner respectively.


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