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Guard Captain is a pig that can make all pigs receives 30% less damage.



Guard CaptainEdit



Deals N damage.



All pigs take 30% less damage. Lasts 3 turns.



Passive: Ignores damage less than X.

First AppearanceEdit

Pig Prison

Strategy of Defeating This PigEdit

Old VersionsEdit

Attack this pig until he dies, but use high damage birds to defeat this pig.

New VersionsEdit

Unlike the old versions, you can damage this pig with low damage birds, but he only takes half of the low damage, so it's still recommended to use high damage birds to defeat this pig, but you also use low damage birds if you like.


Warning 1: Before the new versions, this pig ignore small damages.

Warning 2: This pig can make all pigs receive 30% less damage.

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