ABEpicEvent10 (Halloween)
Zone Events
Type Wave Battle
Enemies See Enemies section
Main Prize ABEpic Spirit, SpookyPumpkin, ABEpic Bones, Ectoplasm, and ABEpic Candy
Previous Next
Sonic Dash Super Villains of Piggy Island

Halloween is the tenth event of Angry Birds Epic, which started on October 23, 2015 and ended on November 1, 2015.

There were total of 20 levels in this event. Each level setted up with a different difficulty.



Matilda's Witch class

If you want to get Matilda's Witch Class for free, you have to collect 5 ABEpic Spirit, 10 SpookyPumpkin, 15 ABEpic Bones, 15 Ectoplasm and 20 ABEpic Candy. These items are in the Wheel of Fortune of the levels. You can also gain them by watching a short video on the map.


  • Halloween - 1
  • Halloween - 2
  • Halloween - 3
  • Halloween - 4
  • Halloween - 5
  • Halloween - 6
  • Halloween - 7
  • Halloween - 8
  • Halloween - 9
  • Halloween - 10
  • Halloween - 11
  • Halloween - 12
  • Halloween - 13
  • Halloween - 14
  • Halloween - 15
  • Halloween - 16
  • Halloween - 17
  • Halloween - 18
  • Halloween - 19
  • Halloween - 20
  • Golden Pig Castle


Here we will show you list of enemies you could have in your game. Unlike other levels, we cannot show you which enemy will in the battle because the enemy will be set randomly. All undead enemies are in this event. The other encounter able pigs are the Apprentice, Pyropig, Lightning Pig, and a new pig called the Pumpkin Pig.

Coming Soon


Choose the birds correctly and defeat the pigs.



Coming Soon


  • It's the third event featuring a Golden Pig Castle. The first being Into the Jungle.
  • Events with a mini map have 2 bosses, staring from the Sonic Dash Event. One is in the middle of the map and the other at the end. The bosses are the Frankenpig and the Dracula King Pig.

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