Ham'o'ween 1-1
Episode Ham'o'ween
Level Number 1
Birds Sequence Red Bird x4
No. of Pigs Small Pig x1

Large Pig x3

3-star Score 57,000
Previous Next
Mooncake Festival 2-15 Ham'o'ween 1-2

Ham'o'ween 1-1 is the first level of Ham'o'ween. This level marks the first level in Seasons 2.

3-Star Walkthrough

Shoot the first Red Bird at the first set of pumpkins. The wood at the front of the structure should collapse, killing the Small Pig and the first two Large Pigs. The last pig is sitting in a loosely built wood structure, so a single hit can easily knock it over. The 2 final unused Red Birds award the player with 20,000 extra points.


  • This level marks the debut of the Explosive Jack o' Lantern.

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