Ham'o'ween 1-2
Episode Ham'o'ween
Level Number 2
Birds Sequence Yellow Bird x3
No. of Pigs Small Pig x1

Large Pig x2

3-star Score 58,000
Previous Next
Ham'o'ween 1-1 Ham'o'ween 1-3

Ham'o'ween 1-2 is the second level of Ham'o'ween

3-Star Walkthrough

Shoot the first Yellow Bird at the first Explosive Pumpkin. The first Large Pig should be killed as a result from the flying debris. Shoot the next bird at the base of the wood structure the last Large Pig dwells in. If done correctly, the pig should be killed from falling, and the debris should kill the second Large Pig. More debris should fall and hit the Explosive Pumpkin next to the Small Pig, which should cause its structure to collapse onto it. The final unused Yellow Bird awards the player 10,000 extra points.

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