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Ham'o'ween 1-6
Episode Ham'o'ween
Level Number 6
Birds Sequence Black Bird x2

Boomerang Bird x1 Red Bird x1

No.of Pigs Small Pig x2

Medium Pig x2 Moustache Pig x1

3-star Score 88,000
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Ham'o'ween 1-5 Ham'o'ween 1-7

Ham'o'ween 1-6 is the sixth level of Ham'o'ween in Angry Birds Seasons.

3-Star Strategy

Shoot the first Black Bird right to the left of the stone boulder. The blast should kill the rightmost two pigs. Shoot the Boomerang Bird into the gap above the Moustache Pig to remove any debris in the way. Finally, shoot the second Black Bird at the same place the Boomerang Bird was shot. The final unused Red Bird awards the player 10,000 extra points.

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