Ham'o'ween 2-2
Episode Ham'o'ween
Level Number 17
Birds Sequence Black Bird x2
Orange Bird
Red Bird
No. of Pigs Large Pig x7
Small Pig
Moustache Pig
Helmet Pig
3-star Score 147,550
Previous Next
Ham'o'ween 2-1 Ham'o'ween 2-3

Ham'o'ween 2-2 is the seventeenth level of Ham'o'ween.

3-Star Walkthrough

Fire the first Black Bird into the two vertical stones in the top-left of the structure. This should cause the bridge to collapse, leaving only the left side of the level. A well-placed Black Bird above the second pig should pop them all. If necessary, the Orange Bird can cause significant damage. The unused Red Bird will award you 10,000.

Golden Egg

There is a Golden Egg located in this level. Zoom out and you'll see the Golden Egg sitting on a ledge in the top right hand corner of the screen. Notice in the screenshot below, that there is no bird that can reach the ledge, but there is a pile of pumpkins and boulders in the middle of the pigs' structure. The best bet is to place a Black Bird at the bottom left of this pile so that the pumpkins and boulders fly up and to the right towards the Golden Egg. It takes some luck, but you should be able to get it after a few tries.

Video Walkthrough

See Ham'o'ween 2-2/Video Walkthrough

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