Ham Dunk 2-8
Ham Dunk 2-8
Episode Ham Dunk
Level Number 8
Birds Sequence CoolDudeDudeDude
No. of Pigs Teamster: x1 Teamster: x5 Teamster: x1 Headstrong: x1 Wonk: x1
3-star Score ThreeStars (Transparent): 168,000 points
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Ham Dunk 2-8 is the twenty-third level and the eighth level of the second theme of Ham Dunk. This level is modeled based off the NBA team, the San Antonio Spurs.


Sling Bubbles to the wood bull with the head is a pig and has a Corporal Pig wearing the cowboy hat and the fake hand or into the left wheel under the red cabin, at about 22.5 degrees (1 o'clock) in the wheel. Inflates him and the left wheel and the cabin should falls to the left and the right wheel should go to the right, pop the pig holding the basketball and that basketball will help you pop the small yellow trophy under the hoop.


Angry Birds Seasons Ham Dunk 2-8 - Spurs - Walkthrough 3 Star01:23

Angry Birds Seasons Ham Dunk 2-8 - Spurs - Walkthrough 3 Star

A score of 179,110

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