Hamshank Redemption is the twenty-sixth episode of Angry Birds Toons.

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A prisoner pig tries to escape from his cell with all kinds of crazy attempts. Will he manage to free himself without going mad?


At night, in the prison, there is a newly discovered prisoner pig caged into the jail, the guards laughed. He thought of a way to escape, and he had a saw in his mouth. He noticed the door that was too far from him, and had an idea when he bounced a stool; he removed the covering of it and picked one spring and tried to bounce higher to reach the door, it doesn't work; but he tried two springs fit in his body and bounced through the door, the guards noticed it, faced the spotlights to him and take away his bed, to make sure he doesn't try to escape again that way. The Prisoner pig blows raspberries to them.

Then, when he used his toilet, he pulled the flusher to go in the toilet to the toilet pipes as it bumped into it, and reached to another toilet as he saw a Goliath Pig who also make a way to escape. He noticed, hiding in the toilet and going to another. He saw two guard pigs who are also in the toilet room, chuckled, and caged again, the guards nailing the toilet pipes with metal bars so that the pig won't use the toile to try to escape again.

Then, the food was served to him, not eaten but he used the spoon to scrape the wall. When he's done scraping it, it was dark. He walked through it and bumped into something. He used a matchstick to lighten the path, and the one the prisoner pig bumped into was Terence! He ran and got afraid to him, and he cried because of the ways he did didn't work. But, he saw a Goliath Pig burst up through the door as the propeller cap was going higher and dropped it as it fell into a broken door or a hole! Then, he used it, and it worked as it goes higher and higher. The guards got angry at him as they face the spotlight to him while he does raspberry to them. The Goliath Pig got amazed as he happily flew away with his propeller cap into the skies and the full moon.




  • This is the second non-announced episode on the FOX8 website. The first being The Bird That Cried Pig.
  • This is the third appearance of Terence.
  • This episode is a reference to the movie "Shawshank Redemption ".
  • This is the third episode the whole episode itself takes place at night. First was Pig Talent and second was Thunder Chuck.
  • The scene in the cave is similar to another meeting with Terence in the episode Run Chuck Run, with his match lit, only in this episode, the pig runs the other way.
  • It is seems to be unknown why the Prisoner Pig got arrested.
  • It's unknown why Terence was in the cell. Possibly Terence rolled his way into the cell.
  • When the Prisoner Pig ends up in the Propeller Pig's cell, you can see a signed picture of a female pig; if you look closely, it reads "Marilyn Pigroe". This is a reference to Marilyn Monroe.


  • When the prisoner uses the spoon to escape from the cell, the plate of food can be seen but when he returns to his cell, the food somehow disappeared.


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Angry Birds Toons S01E26 Hamshank Redemption

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