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ABMovie Hacthlings
A group of Hatchlings.
Abilities Angry Birds POP!:

Prize Pop: Transforms bubbles into prize bubbles.

First Appearance The Angry Birds Movie
Gender Male and Female
Species Many
Locations Bird Island
Strength Weak
Size small


The Hatchlings are baby birds making their debut in The Angry Birds Movie. They were first unveiled in a holiday video of them singing "Deck the Halls". The children voicing the Hatchlings were asked to sing "Deck the Halls", but apparently none of them knew the lyrics.

The Hatchlings made another appearance in an Easter video in which they discuss the Easter Bunny.

They made their third teaser appearance in a Mother's Day video, talking about their mothers.

They made their fourth appearance in a thank you video which recycles the Mother's Day video and made new words for the children to say.


  • The green hatchling is Eva and Edward's son. He calls Red daddy due to Red accidentally cracking the egg of the green hatchling and Red was the first face the hatchling saw. And according to the Angry Birds Blues episode, "Hatch Off, his name is Vincent.
  • The yellow hatchling interacts with Red in the crossing scene, and blows a raspberry at Red. He also appears in the short The Early Hatchling Gets the Worm. The yellow hatchling also appeared in every hatchling video.
  • Timothy (The dark green hatchling) and Petunia (The pink hatchling) were the first hatchlings to have known names. In the Angry Birds Blues episode, "Hatch Off" the Green Hatchling and Purple Hatchling's names are revealed to be Will(purple hatchling) and Vincent(green hatchling).
  • The Hatchlings sang a song dedicated to Red for saving their lives, named The Mighty Red Song.

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