The Hidden Loot Crates are objects in Bad Piggies. They can be found daily. There are 7 types of them. Cardboard, Wood, Silver, Gold, Marble, Copper and Glass. They are also known as Boxes. One must find one via looking at levels, watching a video, buying one in the shop, or winning them in the Cake Race. They can feature items (see Custom Parts), cakes, nuts, power-ups or disguises for Ross and King Pig. The wood crate has 3 items, The silver has 4, and the gold has 8. The Cake Race loot crates have 3 each. You can get a 1-star, a 2-star or a 3-star object. A wood crate can be purchased for 120 Snout Coins, and the silver and gold crates can be purchased by real money. The loot crates have to be tapped 3 times to open them. Loot Crates reward a certain amount of XP when earned.



Instructional video

Bad Piggies - Unlock Golden Create (Hidden Loot Crates)01:57

Bad Piggies - Unlock Golden Create (Hidden Loot Crates)


  • A free silver loot crate can be found in the credits, Similar to Angry Birds, Where you can find a Golden Egg in the credits. More information about this golden egg can be found in the page Golden Egg Level 5. However, this loot crate will reward no XP.
  • If you get an item you already have, then it will be replaced by a number of nuts.
  • The Silver crate is also known as the Metal crate.
  • The Hidden Loot Crates can also be attracted by the ''Magnet'' power-up.
  • The first time before you purchase a wooden crate with coins, You can get a free crate.
  • Purchasing the Field of Dreams will give you a free Gold Loot Crate.

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