Hogiday Tournaments were Special Tournaments in Angry Birds Friends. These was revealed first on Angry Birds Friends Facebook Page with an event; 🌠

Santa Terrence: Happy Hogidays! 🎆

Terrence is already counting days and hours... If you're on that #Holiday mood, make sure to check out our Angry Birds Friends - Hogiday tournament event! 🎄

These are the Fifth annual Angry Birds Friends tournaments based on Christmas. The firsts were Christmas Tournaments of 2012, with the Santa Bomb and TNT Drop as special items. The second were Holiday Tournaments 2013, with the new Jingle Sling. The Thirth were Holiday Tournaments 2014. and the Fourth were Holiday Oink Tournaments of 2015. ☃️

I: Dec 15 to Dec 18. 🎁

II: Dec 19 to Dec 21. 🎊

III: Dec 22 to Dec 25. 🎉

IV: Dec 26 to Dec 28. ⛄️️

V: Dec 29 to Jan 1. ❄️

VI: Jan 2 to Jan 4. 🎄

Apple App Store / Google Play | Description

🎄 Winter is coming! 🎄

Angry Birds Friends is gearing up for the holiday season with some new upgrades, additions, and improvements!

No turtle doves or partridges in pear trees here, only three new tournaments just for the holidays. Play 32 new levels from Dec 15 to Jan 2!


  • On Dec 8; the v3.1.0 update with the Christmas items is available exclusively on Android and PC (Facebook).
  • New breakable items are: Explosive Stoves, Snow, Stockings, Birds, Pigs and Egg Cookies, Trees, Reindeer Dresses, Ice, Santa's Hats, Scarfs, Golden Presents, Classic candies and Big Candy Canes.
  • On Dec 13; All full update (Xmas items) is available on iOS but with a new Game Icon.
  • New Star Collector; Get awesome Treasure rewards by collecting stars every tournament!
  • These are the third Christmas Tournaments to have an original theme song.
  • The Level Selection menu hasn't a christmas cover picture.
  • This is the first time that the game change the classic loading screen picture for a snowy one.
  • These are the firsts tournaments in Friends to switch between three different backgrounds per tournament: Morning (Week: 239 A - B), Afternoon (Week: 240 A - B) and Night (Week: 241 A - B).


Angry Birds Friends - Hogiday Tournament00:30

Angry Birds Friends - Hogiday Tournament

Angry Birds Friends - Hogiday Tournament -200:30

Angry Birds Friends - Hogiday Tournament -2

Angry Birds Friends - Hogiday tournament -300:30

Angry Birds Friends - Hogiday tournament -3

Theme Song

Angry Birds Friends music - Christmas Theme 2016 (Hogiday tournament)01:29

Angry Birds Friends music - Christmas Theme 2016 (Hogiday tournament)


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