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Hypno Pigs
H Pigs
Hypno Pigs title card (Click to zoom)
Episode number 21
Air Date August 4, 2013
Written by Ian Carney
Directed by Kim Helminen
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Pigs 20130404-pig
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Hypno Pigs is the twenty-first episode of Angry Birds Toons.

Toons.TV Description

The Pigs resort to hypnosis to get the Eggs, but with Red out for the count, they can't resist a bit of fun...


Red was seen guarding the nest, when the Bad Piggies resort to hypnosis to get the eggs, and got Red out of the problem list after they hypnotized him. One Minion Pig tried to poke him to wake him up, but he was still sleeping. Another Minion Pig tried shaking Red's body to wake him up, but he was still sleeping. All three of the Minion Pigs still tried to wake him up by making loud noises and faces, but Red kept on sleeping.

Then, the pigs were about to collect the eggs when one of the pigs got the idea to mess with Red while he was asleep. They used him as a space hopper, Used his beak as a bottle opener, played tic-tac-toe on his back, weighed items on his head, used his eyebrows as a moustache, used him to handle an seesaw, used him as a volleyball, dressed him up as a girl and took a photo, and used him to play bowling. Eventually, they launched Red into the mountains with the Slingshot. The pigs got on with their plan to steal the eggs after laughing for a while, but Red ricochets out of the mountains and crashed into the pigs, and the eggs were back in their nest. Red woke up from the hypnosis coma, and found everything in a mess. Red panicked, but calmed down when he noticed that the eggs were still in their nest. The episode ends with Red finding the picture of himself dressed as girl, then he screams, and then he looks at the viewers in shock.



  • This is the ninth episode to have its name changed. The first one was Pig Has Talent to Pig Talent, with the second being A New Friend to True Blue?, the third being Taking a Leave to Off Duty, the fourth being Thunderbolts and Lightning to Thunder Chuck, the fifth being Oh My Garden to Gardening With Terence, the sixth being Mission Implausible to Dopeys on a Rope, the seventh being Too Many Eggs to Double Take, and the eighth being Massage Me to Slappy-Go-Lucky.
  • This was supposed to be the 23rd episode of Angry Birds Toons after Egg's Day Out.
  • The Blues, Bomb and Corporal Pig were all credited as appearing in this episode, even though they actually didn't.
  • The way Red was bouncing off the rocks was a pun on pinball. The points show too.
  • Red might've broke the fourth wall by looking at us.
  • One Minion Pig had a deep voice that sounds like King Pig.
  • This is the first episode where there is only one bird and one type of pig.



Angry Birds Toons - 21 Hypno Pigs02:45

Angry Birds Toons - 21 Hypno Pigs


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