Into the Jungle

ABEpicEvent8 (Into The Jungle)
Zone Events
Type Normal Battle, Wave Battle
Enemies Nature Pig, Bird Catcher, Brute, Brawler, Shaman, Witch Doctor, Tiny Pigmies, Pigmy Shooters, Tribal Pack
Main Prize AncientFeathers, AncientFlowers, AncientTusk, and AncientStonePiece
Previous Next
Raiding Party Sonic Dash

Into the Jungle is the eighth event of Angry Birds Epic, which is started on April 10, 2015 and it ended on April 19, 2015. To enter this event, you'll have to find the Into the Jungle entraces. One of them located at the Slingshot Woods, between Slingshot Woods - 3 and Slingshot Woods - 4.

There are total of 15 levels in this event. Each level setted up with a different difficulty.



Red's Stone Guard class

If you want to get Red's Stone Guard Class for free, you have to collect 40 AncientTusk, 40 AncientStonePiece, 25 AncientFlowers, 35 Onestar2 and 25 AncientFeathers. These items are in the Wheel of Fortune of the levels.


  • Into the Jungle - 1
  • Into the Jungle - 2
  • Into the Jungle - 3
  • Into the Jungle - 4
  • Into the Jungle - 5
  • Into the Jungle - 6
  • Into the Jungle - 7
  • Into the Jungle - 8
  • Into the Jungle - 9
  • Into the Jungle - 10
  • Into the Jungle - 11
  • Into the Jungle - 12
  • Into the Jungle - 13
  • Into the Jungle - 14
  • Into the Jungle - 15
  • Golden Pig Castle - A super hard Golden Pig dungeon with lots of Golden Pigs and Wealthy Rogues await you to rack up some Snoutling1 (Snoutlings)!

Special Rules


You cannot use Red for this battle.


Tranquil Air - Rage Chili fills up 15% slower


Wild Boar - Increases attack power of a pig by 30% for two turns. Every 2 turns


All of the pigs that you've met in the forests (Slingshot Woods, Squarewood Forest, etc.) will be here


Choose the birds correctly and defeat the pigs.



  • The event is supposed to be open at March 26 and end at April 5. However, for some reasons, the event has opened later than the plan.
  • This is the second event to have wave battles.