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Islands in the Sky - 1

Zone Islands in the Sky
Type Wave Battle
Wave 1 Ice Knight x1
Ice Pigmies x2
Wave 2 Tiny Snowpig x2
Snow Pig x2
Chieftain x1
Wave 3 Howler x1
Main Prize IceChili (Transparent):3
Previous Next
Snowy Peak - 3 Islands in the Sky - 2

Islands in the Sky - 1 is the first level of Islands in the Sky. The ice pigs are here again to stop you. Worse still, Howler has returned for an another fight.


Wave 1

Ice Knight Ice Knight

ABEpicHP (Transparent) 1235


Winter is Coming - 45% chance to immediately remove helpful effects from target. Deals 99 damage.

Frozen Armor - Target is protected by an ice barrier, that absorbs 309 damage. Lasts for 5 turns.

Ironclad - Passive: Ignores damage less than 104.

Ice Pigmies Ice Pigmies x2

ABEpicHP (Transparent) 608


Cold Touch - 20% chance to immediately remove helpful effects from target. Deals 3x27 damage.

Hoard - Charge: 3 turns. Calls Ice Pigmies as support.

Wilding - Passive: Gains bonus attack power while the Rage Chili fills up.

Wave 2

Tiny Snow Pig Tiny Snowpig x2

ABEpicHP (Transparent) 342


Chilly Blow - 50% chance to immediately remove helpful effects from target. Deals 68 damage.

Snow Pig Snow Pig x2

ABEpicHP (Transparent) 513


Chilly Blow - 50% chance to immediately remove helpful effects from target. Deals 68 damage.

Chieftan Chieftain

ABEpicHP (Transparent) 950


Unbroken Will - Deals 106 damage.

Spiritual Guidance - Charge: 2 turns. Heals all pigs for 238 health.

Incompetent Minions - Passive: Damage increased by 25% for each knocked out ally.

Wave 3

Howler Howler

ABEpicHP (Transparent) 2470


Siren Song - Deals 15 damage. Target also takes 152 damage per turn for the next 3 turns.

Ghastly Cry - Charge: 3 turns. Summons ghost allies.

Undead - Passive: Revives 2 turns after being knocked out.


Warning #1: On the first wave, use the Rage Chili to The Blues (unlimited, until he's almost die). Use it for Bomb at the second wave (once only) and for The Blues (if there are only one pig on the battlefield) or Bomb (if there are more than one pig on the battlefield) at the third wave if the birds' healths are over 65%, otherwise, use it for Matilda.(unlimited)

Warning #2: Be careful! The Ice Knight can ignores damage less than 88, protect himself or other pig by an ice barrier, which absorbs 396 damage and Howler can provides poison! To cleanse those harmful effects, use the Rage Chili on Matilda at the perfect occasion.

First, complete the levels from Winter Wonderland - 1 to Winter Wonderland - 5 and get The Blues' Spies class. Choose Matilda in Druid and Bomb in Cannoneer and The Blues in Spies. In every waves, attack every turn with The Blues and Bomb, then, heal with Matilda if the birds' health is not full, otherwise, attack with her. When, the Rage Chili is full, do as what we said at the "Warning #1". Also, the order of knocking pigs at wave 1 are Ice Pigmies and then Ice Knight. At wave 2, you need to knock out the Tiny Snowpigs first, then the Snow Pigs and finally, the Chieftain. At wave 3, defeat Howler and their ghost army when he activate Ghastly Cry at the same time. Repeat this over and over until you win the entire battle or lose the entire battle.



Angry Birds Epic Islands in the Sky Level 1 Walkthrough06:23

Angry Birds Epic Islands in the Sky Level 1 Walkthrough


  • The name calls Islands in the Sky may be based on a zone's name in Legoland.
  • This could be the setting of the last area in Danger Above, but however, this has land and snow while Danger Above takes place on the clouds.

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