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"Are you the angel that fell from heaven?"

My tank's always full, babe. Let's jet off together.

Jet Pig
Abilities When hit by a bird, will crash down and explode on impact.
First Appearance Random
Gender Male
Species Pig
Locations Angry Birds Stella
Strength Medium
Size Medium

   Jet Pigs are pigs who will hover in the air until hit by a bird; afterwards they will crash down and explode.


  • It is suggested that Stella riochet off Jet Pig so that multiple structures can topple down at once.


  • Jet Pigs' ability is a mix of Helipig (due to hovering ability), Poppy (due to crashing down), and Boom Pig (due to exploding).
  • There is already a Jetpack Pig from King Pig mode.

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