King of the Castle is the thirty-fourth episode of Angry Birds Toons.

Toons.TV Description

Chef Pig and King Pig engage in a crazy sandcastle competition. Who will win?


On a sunny day at the beach, where some pigs enjoyed the day and doing something like playing a beach ball, a Minion Pig hits King Pig accidentally with a beach ball, but he didn't noticed it. King Pig is making his first little sandcastle, but the half of it slides out. But still, he's proud of his work.

But when he saw Chef Pig also made his first little sandcastle with some shells and decorations around it, he was shocked and got angry easily because the minion pigs were impressed to his nice sandcastle. King Pig's two pigs were also impressed at him! He called them, and they call his attention.

He said that they will make his sandcastle better. He hit one of the minion pigs with a sand shovel, and they do their work in making his sandcastle better. It looked like a an appearance of King Pig, but not the shape of his face. It's nicer than him, but Chef Pig never gives up in making a sandcastle.

Chef Pig made his sandcastle bigger and better, still the minion pigs were impressed. King Pig stops them impressing to Chef Pig's sandcastle.

The minion pigs wear a hard hat, one of them uses a whistle and a direction guide so that the other minion pig controlling a crane will call his attention on what to do next. After a few seconds, King Pig's sandcastle is done. The appearance of his sandcastle is still the same. They laughed at Chef Pig, spit his tongue out.

Chef Pig's taking a break with his coconut smoothie drank and rested in a folded chair, enjoying the beach. King Pig laughs continuously, but when he saw his castle, he was shocked for it, that he managed to make a sandcastle the size of King Pig's real castle. And again, the minion pigs were impressed. But when he saw King Pig while he's staring at Chef Pig's sandcastle.

They think of an another way to improve King Pig's sandcastle to become bigger, better, stronger, and nicer. They wear shades that it is a sign to bring out bulldozers, cranes, and other vehicles. They brought it out and adopt some minion pigs to help make King Pig's sandcastle better. They plan, construct, and make a palace-like sandcastle. And it's the time sun sets.

After they're finished, it turns out that the castle is a lot bigger than King Pig's real castle, included with a dining room, a sand-throne and even a bust featuring him eating the Eggs. When Chef Pig saw his sandcastle, he gets angry. Then he gets surprised that the tide is coming in! It causes destruction and completely demolishes King Pig's sand palace. King Pig and Chef Pig manages to survive on a rubber boat and end up partially stuck at sea in the sunset.

When King Pig sees his sand palace in ruins, he first gets upset but then notices that his sand bucket has a fish in it. Chef Pig uses a net to catch a big fish. His fish is bigger than King Pig. They started to catch a fish, in a form of a fishing contest.

King Pig caught a smaller fish than Chef Pig that has a bigger fish. King Pig caught the fish again, he caught a bigger fish than Chef Pig, vice versa, until Chef Pig managed to catch a whale. It was taken in a snapshot, meaning that Chef Pig is the Catch of the Day.

At the last part of credits, you will hear King Pig crying.

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  • This is the fourth episode to have a beach in the series. First being Off Duty, second being Gate Crasher, and third being Catch of the Day.
  • A coconut smoothie that Chef Pig held is also similar in the episode Off Duty when Red's taking a vacation at the beach.
  • This is the fifth appearance of Chef Pig after his fourth appearance in Pig Plot Potion.
  • This is the fifth episode in a row to have an appearance of King Pig.
  • This is the third time Thomas Lepeska directed an episode.
  • This is the third time Glenn Dakin written an episode.
  • In this episode, King Pig cried, but without his tears.
  • This is the 8th episode to do not have the appearance of the Birds.


  • In the title card, when you see King Pig's little sandcastle, there's a purple flaglet on top of it, but in Toons, when King Pig made his little sandcastle, he didn't put his flaglet on top of it
  • When King Pig sees Chef Pig's new castle for the second time, he has an extra tooth. (See Gallery)

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