Level 27
Zone 1
Level Number Unknown
Obstacles {{{Obstacles}}}
Objective ABBlast Red Transparency: 18   ABBlast Chuck Transparency: 18ABBlast Pigs Transparency: 36
Moves 24
Balloon Colors {{{Balloon Colors}}}
Number of Spaces 0
Target score 250 points
Previous Current Next
Level 26 Level 27 Level 28

Level 27 (Angry Birds Blast!) is the 1st level in zone 1 of Angry Birds Blast. To pass this level, you must collect 18 Reds 18 Chucks 36 Pigs and score at least 250 points. When you complete the level, remaining moves will reward you with additional points.


ABBlast Star 1: 250 points

ABBlast Star 2: 1,700 points

ABBlast Star 3: 3,810 points





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