Level 30
Zone 1
Level Number Unknown
Obstacles {{{Obstacles}}}
Objective ABBlast Chuck Transparency: 22ABBlast Bubbles Transparency: 32   ABBlast Pigs Transparency: 3
Moves 42
Balloon Colors {{{Balloon Colors}}}
Number of Spaces 0
Target score 300 points
Previous Current Next
Level 29 Level 30 Level 31

Level 30 (Angry Birds Blast!) is the 1st level in zone 1 of Angry Birds Blast. To pass this level, you must collect 22 Chucks 32 Pigs 3 Baskets and score at least 300 points. When you complete the level, remaining moves will reward you with additional points.


ABBlast Star 1: 300 points

ABBlast Star 2: 2,350 points

ABBlast Star 3: 4,380 points





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