Level F-6 (Angry Birds Space)
Episode Pig Dipper banner
Level Number Feather 6
Birds Sequence SardinesSardinesSardines
No. of Pigs Teamster: x6 Wonk: x1
3-star Score N/A
Previous Next
Level F-5 Level F-7

Level F-6 is the sixth level of Sardine Can Levels. To unlock this level, you must collect all feathers in Pig Dipper.


  • Some Pigs can be tricky.
  • The platform in the right planet is very annoying.
  • Anchors in the right planet is very annoying too.


Fire the Sardine Can south around the first planet, outside of the water but within the gravitational field. The goal is to have the Can avoid the swinging anchor north of the target planet, unleash the Space Eagle when the can settles between the third and fourth towers.
Note: This shot is not easy because of the platform and the anchors.


Angry Birds Space Pig Dipper Bonus Level F-6 Space Eagle Walkthrough00:36

Angry Birds Space Pig Dipper Bonus Level F-6 Space Eagle Walkthrough

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