The Game Over screen for Angry Birds Star Wars II on the pork side.

Level Failed (called Try Again in Go!, Battle Lost! in Epic, Unlucky! in Transformers, Lose in Fight!, Game Over in Arcade, and Maybe next time! in Blast!) is a common term used in the Angry Birds franchise and most other video games that is given to the player when they run out of birds/pigs/bubbles/cards/moves. Usually, they cannot continue and must restart the level, but can often load their progress.

The level failed screen differs from game to game, but the text is usually against a pig that seems to mock the player excluding Angry Birds Star Wars II on the pork side, Angry Birds Go! (current version) and Angry Birds Transformers.

There also exists non-standard level failed screens, which involve special punishments for specific mistakes.

From Angry Birds POP! onwards, failing a level will cause the player to lose a life.


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