Episode  No.

Title Card Episode Name Description Airdate on TV
Stella Animated Series Teaser Are you ready to see Stella and her superpowered BFF's in their own all new animated series? Feast your eyes on the teaser below for a first look!

September 27, 2014

A Fork in the Friendship While hiking, Stella and Gale disagree about the best route, and Gale decides to go it alone. However, as fate would have it, she ends up going in a much different direction. What will she find there?

November 1, 2014

Bad Princess The birds don't have much time to miss Gale after her departure before a great ruckus erupts in the forest beneath the Big Tree. What in the name of Golden Island is going on down there?! November 8, 2014
The Golden Egg Tittle Card
The Golden Egg As construction continues on her castle, Gale settles in to read The Book, learning the legend of the ultra-powerful GOLDEN EGG (cue echo). It seems that The Golden Egg is located under the... well, you'll see! November 15, 2014
Rock On! Poppy's beloved gong was completely destroyed in the attack on the Big Tree. How is she supposed to play in the band now? Just sayin', sometimes it pays to have a super-scientist/inventor as a friend! November 22, 2014
The Runaway Luca hates baths! And those meanie-heads are trying to trick him into taking one. He'll show them... November 29, 2014
All That Glitters Gale and co. stumble upon a mysterious hole in the ground. When the pigs are too cowardly to investigate, Gale takes matters into her own hands. You can't rely on those pigs for anything! December 6, 2014
Pig Power Dahlia's got grand plans for a suspension bridge on Golden Island. But where can she find a workforce to build it? Hmm. They should be: good at building things, great in numbers, and easily fooled. December 13, 2014
Own The Sky Being a flightless bird, Stella turns to hang gliding to get her kicks. But will a terrible crash put her out of commission forever? The other birds hope not because she's getting seriously annoying! December 20, 2014
The Prankster Poppy is on a prank rampage leaving Stella and the flock on edge. To get even, the flock devises the ultimate prank on Poppy, but can they truly outprank the prankmaster? December 27, 2014
Piggy Love The Book leads Gale to a beautiful secret garden that contains her Golden Egg… and carnivorous plants! Meanwhile Book Minion gets in-between the love-struck Handsome Pig and his Royal Sweetie. January 3, 2015
The Portrait Pigs aren't known for their skills with the paintbrush. Only a true artist can capture Gale's beauty. Luckily, she knows just the bird for the job! January 10, 2015
Don't Steal My Birthday! It's Stella's birthday! An old friend drops in to wish her well, i.e. take over the whole party. January 17, 2015
To The Bitter End Gale gets herself trapped inside an active volcano in search of the elusive Golden Egg. Stella comes to the rescue, but as the temperature rises, can these two work together to escape without getting roasted? January 24, 2015

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