This is a list of the pigs with special abilities that appear in Angry Birds 2.

Please note that these are not the actual names of the pigs, they are only used to call them something for future reference.

Pigs Level appearances Description
AB2 HelmetPig

Helmet Pig

Can appear anywhere Protects pig from direct damage or falling from a certain height.
AB2 GoldenPig

Golden Pig

Can appear anywhere, but is so rare. When popped, this pig will instantly fill the Destruct-O-Bar, immediately giving you an extra bird.
AB2 UmbrellaPig

Umbrella Pig

Can appear anywhere When caught in the air, this pig will float down very slowly.
AB2 BalloonPig

Balloon Pig

Can appear anywhere This pig can randomly inflate a balloon and fly into a high area.
AB2 RocketPig

Rocket Pig

Can appear anywhere When a bird comes near him, this pig flies out of danger then slowly descends with a parachute.
AB2 FrostyPig

Frosty Pig

Uncommon in most levels, common in boss levels, very common in snowy themed levels This pig shoots snowballs every so often. If a bird gets hit by one, it loses all of its momentum and will just fall.
AB2 ContructionPig

Contruction Pig

Commonly in intermediate levels This pig throws screwdrivers at your birds, which will knock them away if hit by one.
AB2 MinerPig

Miner Pig

Commonly in intermediate levels This pig fires purple dust clouds at your birds, turning it into one of the objects below if hit by one.
AB2 BlowtorchPig

Blowtorch Pig

Level 43 and 55 This pig shoots fireballs at your birds, which, when hit, will make them instantly disappear.
AB2 MagicianPig

Magician Pig

Level 241 and beyond When this pig is in danger, he teleports to a random location, away from activity.
AB2 ChemistPig

Chemist Pig

Levels 321 and beyond When popped, this pig turns all blocks into the same element (Glass, wood or stone).
AB2 AngryPig

Angry Pig

Level 401 and beyond When popped, the pig explodes, damaging structures around it, just like a TNT Box.
AB2 SwimmerPig

Swimmer Pig

Appears in water levels Floats on water.
AB2 ScubaPig

Scuba Pig

Appears in water levels Immune to drowning.
AB2 GravityPig

Gravity Pig

Level 581 and beyond When popped, nearby pigs and blocks will be temporarily levitated into the air, and then dropped.
AB2 AtomPig

Atom Pig

Level 861 and beyond When a bird comes near, this pig will pull your bird towards him with a tractor beam.

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