This is a list of objects used in Bad Piggies. They are usually used in creating vehicles.

Wooden Frame/Iron Frame

These are the most mandatory items used for creating vehicles in Bad Piggies. They can be attached to wheels, propellers, umbrellas, and more. You can place Freckled Pig, King Pig, the egg, pumpkin baskets, engines, and TNT inside it.

Wooden Frame - This is the most commonly used type of frame for vehicles created by players. It is very light, but can break off easily.

Iron Frame - An upgraded version of the Wooden Frame. It is stronger and more durable, but slightly heavier.


These are the second most mandatory items used for creating vehicles. They can make most vehicles move.

Wooden Wheel - The basic wheel for moving vehicles. It can break off easily.

Rubber Wheel - An upgraded version of the Wooden Wheel. It is more durable, so it won't break off earlier.

Engine-powered Wheel/Unicycle Wheel - These are special types of Rubber Wheels that must be powered by engines to make the vehicle move. Speed depends on type and number of engines used. It moves extremely slow when using Freckled Pig as the engine.

Suction Cup Wheels - Added in the Rise and Swine update, these are special types of wheels that can stick the vehicle to the ceilings or walls. They can also be powered by engines.


They are also most important for creating vehicles. Engines can move various things like wheels, propellers, big propellers, mechanical umbrellas, and more.

Green Engine - Moves mechanical parts slowly. This is not recommended if you are creating advanced vehicles.

Gray Motor - Moves mechanical parts slightly faster than Green Engine.

Red V8 Engine - The fastest of all engines - moves mechanical parts very fast. Recommended for advanced contraptions.

Freckled Pig can also be used as an engine, but he's very weak.


Propellers and Fans propel vehicles in a specific direction.

Fan - They can be used for propelling vehicles, but they must be placed at the back to move them in the correct direction. It does not move vehicles very fast.

Propeller - These are mandatory for creating aeroplanes. They move vehicles slightly faster than the Fan.

Big Propeller - The Big Propellers can send vehicles in the air, and is mandatory for creating flying aircraft and helicopters.


Umbrellas can slow down the fall of your vehicles, or can be used for moving vehicles as well.

Black Umbrella - Tap on the Umbrella button to open or close it. When it is opened, it can slow down the fall of your vehicles. If it's closed, the vehicle will act like normal. Try tapping the umbrella button repeatedly to make your vehicle move.

Mechanical Umbrella - These Umbrellas can be powered by motors or Freckled Pig, and can be used for moving vehicles on uneven terrain, but they are not useful as parachutes.

Soda Bottles and Firework Rockets

Soda Bottles and Firework Rockets propel vehicles for a limited time.

Soda Bottle - Propels vehicles in a specific direction. They can be placed in any direction on any part of the vehicle. They last for a short time, and they come in two variants -> black and green.

Firework Rocket - Is like the Soda Bottle but lasts longer and comes in two variants -> red and blue.

When tapping on a bottle/rocket button of a specific color, it will activate all rockets/bottles of the same color.


TNT Blocks can be used to create explosions, either destroying the vehicle or sending Freckled Pig into the air. Exploding TNT can destroy other surrounding TNT blocks.


Balloons can be used to lift vehicles/Freckled Pig in the air. They will pop if they hit the ceiling or if you press the balloon button.

Normal Balloon - Can be attached to one part of the vehicle or Freckled Pig. Lifts vehicle or Freckled Pig.

Balloon Twins - This time, there will be two balloons attached to Freckled Pig or the vehicle, allowing faster lifting than normal.

Balloon Triplets - Three balloons will be attached to Freckled Pig or the vehicle, allowing the fastest lifting speed of all.

Tap on the Balloon button on the bottom screen to pop a random balloon.


Sandbags weigh down a vehicle. Sandbags come in regular, twin, and triplets. Tap on the Sandbag button to drop it on the ground and decrease weight.

Wing and Tail (Plane Parts)

Wings and Tails are essential for creating airplanes.

Tail Part - Aligns the vehicle so it can be guided safely when used on the ground, or used to create airplanes.

Wing Part - If the vehicle speeds up, the wing part will put the vehicle in midair. You must attach the Tail Part in order for it to work correctly, or else it can spin in the air.

Both come in two variants, iron and wooden.

Eggs and Pumpkin Baskets

You must bring eggs to the finish line to complete Flight in the Night levels, and Pumpkins to the finish line to complete Tusk 'til Dawn levels.

Eggs - It can be placed in a frame, but serves no purpose other than being mandatory in Flight in the Night levels to complete the level.

Pumpkin Baskets - Again, serves no purpose other than being mandatory for completing levels in Tusk 'til Dawn. You can add 5 pumpkin baskets to your vehicle in Field of Dreams.

Detacher (Field of Dreams exclusive)

Detachers, when pressed, will cut off a specific part of a vehicle. It is used in a similar fashion to the detachers seen in Egg Defender in Red's Mighty Feathers. They come in four colors - red, blue, yellow, and green.

Grappling Hook

Grappling Hook can be placed in eight directions. It can attach to any part of the level, then it can pull the vehicle to that location.

Boxing Glove

Boxing Glove punches Freckled Pig and pushes other vehicles off other parts of the level.

Caution: If using Boxing Glove to punch your own vehicle, it may crack and snap.