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LUCA hero new

"Baby, get over it. I'm breaking good."

Nobody puts Luca in the corner. So don't call me baby or i'll scream.

Abilities Fire a sonic boom towards the area tapped
First Appearance Angry Birds Stella Level 23
Gender Male
Species Scrub Jay
Locations Golden Island
Strength Weak
Size Small

Luca is a light blue Bird that first appeared in Angry Birds Stella.


He has two spiked strands of hair upwards. He seems to be a bit of a daredevil, as Willow watches, stunned as Luca steps over to the edge of the branch they are sitting on. He loves fun, being adventerous, and being creative, just as the rest of his friends.


Luca is the youngest and the only male of the Stella Flock and may possibly be the youngest of all of the currently playable main-series Birds, making him even younger than Bubbles. He is playful and inquisitive as most children are and loves exploring. However, this causes problems when he wonders off without telling anyone. He thinks he's bigger and stronger than everyone else and likes intimidating people when he doesn't talk. He also can copy any noise of a bird, pig, insect, etc. He hates being talked down by others or called a baby.  His primary skill is firing a Sonic Boom towards the tapped area on-screen, which will shatter Glass instantly, pass through Wood, and be stopped in it's tracks by Stone.


  • Soundwave's ability is somewhat similar to Luca's. They will both destroy glass extremely well, possibly insignificantly damage some wood blocks, and cannot destroy stone blocks.
  • Luca is the youngest of his flock, much as Bubbles is to his.
  • In some ways, Luca appears to be the polar opposite of Matilda, the only female member of Red's flock, which originally composed of five birds, who acts like a mother to the flock, while Luca acts like the baby to Stella's flock.
  • Luca is the only male bird to sport an actual eye color other than black.
  • The original Luca plush had feminine eyelashes.
    • Luca also had feminine eyelashes in Telepods box art.


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