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Zone Limestone Lagoon
Type Normal Battle
Enemies 1x 30px
Main Prize ABEpicTreasure (Transparent) x1
Water (Transparent):3 after you got the treasure.
Previous Next
Northern Sea - 3 Eastern Sea - 3

Maelstrom is a very special hidden level in Angry Birds Epic, located at the giant whirlpool at the Limestone Lagoon and at the south of Desert Island. It will be unlocked when you complete Northern Sea - 3 and get the submarine. This level features the very powerful Poseidon Pig. The only pigs who have similar stats are in the Chronicle Cave.

  • There is only one pig in this level, Poseidon Pig. This pig is level 40. It has 47546 health.
  • It attacks one of your birds five times for 122 health each. Moreover, it heals the same amount health it dealt. That makes this harder to win.


Poseidon pig Poseidon Pig (Level 40)

ABEpicHP (Transparent) 47546


Raging Storm

Deals 5 x 122 damage. Heals for 100% of dealt damage.



Passive: Revives 2 turns after being knocked out.


Knight + Wizard + Princess
This combo is enough to beat this pig - you can clear this level at Level 15, without either Class Upgrades or Legendary Weapons. Poseidon Pig attacks 5 times per turn, so Wizard's Energize can stun the pig by (1-0.8^5)=67.232% chance. Force Poseidon Pig to attack Knight with Attack and Royal Order, reduce the damage with Protect. Heal Knight continuously with Royal Aid. Always give the Rage Chili to Wizard. Level 15 birds require about 70 minutes to beat this level. It would be beneficial if Red had a weapon that stuns. With max level + legendaries, it needs less than 5 minutes.

You can also use the Spies instead of the Princess and use the Spies ability on Red to do more damage to the ghost.

Strategy 1: Paladin + Lightning Bird + Capt'n
This combo is a solid trio for beating this pig as long as your birds are at a high enough level. The strategy is to use Capt'n's Whip Up. on Paladin so that Paladin can deal high damage and provide enough healing, use Lightning Bird's Lightning Fast on Paladin so that he may attack the pig a second time. When the Rage Chili is filled, give it to Lightning Bird. Do all those steps continuously and it's just a matter of time before Poseidon Pig is defeated. It would be beneficial if Red had a weapon that stuns.

Strategy 2: Samurai + Lightning Bird + Priest
This combo is the best option to overcome this level. Use Priest attack every 3 turns. Then use secondary skills in another turns to all birds. Use secondary skill of Lightning Bird to Samurai. Use Samurai to attack every turns to heal all birds faster.

Strategy 3: Samurai + Mage/Thunderbird + Spies
This is also a good combo to beat Poseidon Pig. Protect your birds with Defensive Formation, then Mage Shock Shield or Thunderbird Rage of Thunder to counter Poseidon Pig attacks, then use Glee on one of your birds. Poseidon pig should attack and get some damage so he won't heal himself. If you have a Mage, use secondary skill on all birds every turn, if you have Thunderbird, use shield when it ends, but if you still have a shield, attack with Thunderclap, so Poseidon Pig will receive more damage. Then use Glee on bird who doesn't have it. When the Rage Chill fills up, give it to Blues. Repeat until Poseidon Pig is defeated. Potions are recommended.

There is also a bug, when Poseidon Pig dies when attacking, the normal death animation will not be shown. Instead of becoming flat, he will stay in place, then play the respawning animation, and finally turning into smoke.

Strategy 4: Lightning Bird + Sea Dog + Skulkers
This is a combo only for pros. (You need strong healing potions, about at level 39 or 40, all master classes, and the Golden Rage Chili). First use the Rage Chili on The Blues, so Poseidon Pig can stun and take damage. Then use Gang Up on Sea Dog. Then use Lighting Fast on Sea Dog, He will attack again. When Poseidon Pig is back on battle, use Tricksy Trick on Seadog so he attacks twice, attack Poseidon Pig With Bomb and keep using Lighting Fast on Bomb. When Poseidon Pig attacks any target, use the healing potion on the target that was attacked. when Sea Dog loses his Gang Up effect, use it on Bomb again. Like we said, if the Rage Chili is full, use it on the Blues. keep doing these steps until you defeat Poseidon Pig. You should get 3 stars.

Strategy 5: Knight + Princess + Rogues
A high enough level can defeat the pig this way. Use Cupcake Trap on Red. Then attack with Matilda and use Red's Protect on himself. On the next turn, heal Red with Matilda and attack with Blues and Red. Keep on repeating this sequence until Poseidon Pig dies. If you get a filled Rage Chili, rage Red. (unless his shield effect (Protect) is not activated, use it on the next turn)

Strategy 6: Knight + Princess + Mage
First use Shock Shield on Red. Use Knight's Protect on himself and use Royal Aid to heal knight. Once the secondary skills have expired, activate them again. When you get a Rage Chili, rage Red.(unless his shield effect (Protect) is not activated, use it on the next turn)

Strategy 7: Rogues + Princess + Mage
If Matilda can heal at least 610 as Princess and all birds has at least 611 health, you can use this strategy. Use Cupcake Trap and Shock Shield on Matilda. Attack with Matilda on the first turn. Poseidon Pig will not only have no healing, he will take extra damage. If the secondary skills has expired, refresh them. If not, attack with Mage and Rogues. Every turn, heal with Matilda. Use the rage chili on Chuck/The Blues whenever it it filled up.



Angry Birds Epic Maelstrom Walkthrough Whirlpool Level06:07

Angry Birds Epic Maelstrom Walkthrough Whirlpool Level

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