Mighty Eagle's Dojo is a place where the player can upgrade his/her birds' classes. It is unlocked after the player completes Old Nesting Barrows 4.

First release

Prior to v1.1.0, the Dojo used to sell Veteran (Bronze Medal (Veteran)), Elite (Silver Medal (Elite)) and Master(Gold Medal (Master)) upgrades for 500 Snoutlings, 2000 Snoutlings and 300 Lucky Coins respectively. To skip waiting for the new class upgrades, there was a 5 Lucky Coin skip option.

Version 1.1.0

Version 1.1.0 introduced Mastery (Mastery) - a type of XP for classes. To obtain Mastery for the classes, the player had to either defeat enemies while wearing the class, purchase Mastery for either that class only (100 Snoutlings), for all of one of their bird's classes (15 Lucky Coins), or buying Mastery for every single class that the player currently owned (75 Lucky Coins).

For players who had already purchased the Veteran, Elite or Master upgrades, they would see that the classes became level 3, level 5, and level 7 respectively. (every time a class went up a level, it would grant a 10% boost to the bird's base stats) All classes would start off at level 1.

The Mastery update also resulted in the classes having a maximum boost to the birds's base stat being increased from 60% to 90% since the highest level possible was set at level 10. Naturally, to increase the level of one class, more Mastery was needed.

The update also resulted in a change to the business system of the Dojo. Since unlike class upgrades, Mastery has no limit to how many can be bought at once. This resulted in a new purchase ready to be bought. The other change was that new purchases would only come became 24 hours.

Version 1.1.1

This version made a few changes to the dojo as players complained that the mastery system was too slow. Firstly, the waiting time was reverted back from 24 hours to 3 hours. Plus, Rovio also brought in a system that offered the player discounts for earning Mighty Eagles stamp cards, which are acquired by completing the Golden Pig Challenge 7 days in a row. The first stamp card gives 2% discount on Mastery with later stamp cards each adding on a smaller discount amount before capping at 30%.

Version 1.9.?

Changes to the mastery system was introduced in this version. It resulted in the an increase of the Mastery level of each class. The maximum level was increased up to 80. However, each level only granted a 2% boost to the bird's base stats.