The Mighty Eagle Cave is a cave in the shape of the Mighty Eagle. It is shown in the short video Ham'o'ween and Surf and Turf levels.

The Angry Birds Movie

The Eagle's Den (Mighty's Cave On Bird Island) appears in The Angry Birds Movie. Mighty Eagle lives there and puts his trophies. He also has a lot of paintings of him in it. Near it, there's a big lake. Chuck calls it the ''Lake of Wisdom''. They bathe in the lake and even gargle in it, but it turns out that Mighty Eagle urinates in it. 


  • On the 3-Star Cable Car level on Ski Or Squeal from Angry Birds Seasons, a mountain is full of snow and the player has to defeat the Thief Pigs to reveal that it's Mighty Eagle's Den.
Angry Birds Seasons Mighty Eagle's Den
  • It also re-appears on the Eagle's Den level of Pig Days from Angry Birds Seasons.