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Mighty Hoax
2 mighty hoax
Episode number 2
Levels 42
New features N/A
Released January 10, 2010
Game(s) Ab icon Chrome-icon Abf icon
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Poached Eggs Ab icon Chrome-icon
:Danger Above
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: Surf and Turf

Mighty Hoax is the second episode of Angry Birds, which contains two themes with 21 levels each. Much like its preceding episode, it takes place once again in the vast plains. In this Cutscenes, the Pigs try again by stealing the bird's eggs, replacing them with cardboard cutouts, and using cardboard decoys to get away.


Theme 4

Theme 5

When the Birds complete Theme 4-21, they discover the King they defeated was in fact a cardboard cutout, and that the real King is still out there. Later, the Birds finally succeed after destroying another cardboard cutout in Theme 5-21 and retrieve the eggs. The real King Pig retreats while the Birds celebrate their temporary victory.



  • This is the first episode to have more than one King Pig due to the concept of the King distracting Birds with
    Migty Hoax
    An old icon
    cardboard cutouts of himself.
  • This is the final episode to contain 21 levels per theme.

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