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Mighty Philadelphia Eagle
Philadelphia Eagle
General Info
Powers Does mass destruction
First Level Appearance: 1-1 Angry Birds Philadelphia Eagles
Gender: Male
Species: Philadelphia Eagle
Locations: Angry Birds Philadelphia Eagles
Strength: Intense
Size: Enormous

For the Angry Birds version, see: Mighty Eagle.

For the dragon version, see: Mighty Dragon.

For the Angry Birds Space version, see the Space Eagle entry in: Space Characters.

For the Angry Birds Star Wars version, see the Mighty Millenium Falcon entry in: Star Wars Characters.

For the Bad Piggies version, see: Mechanic Pig.

The Mighty Philadelphia Eagle appears in Angry Birds Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagle will be summoned by an American Football. He is the Philadelphia Eagle's "secret weapon" and came September 4th. The Mighty Philidelphia Eagle is the second Mighty creature to not be sihouetted in the Angry Birds games, with the first being Mighty Dragon.


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