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"Oh, my god..."

Mime bird
Abilities None
First Appearance The Angry Birds Movie
Gender Male
Species Bird
Locations Bird Island
Strength None
Size Medium


Mime is a minor character in The Angry Birds Movie. He is shown to do nothing except what a normal mime does, and occasionally saying his catch phrase: "Oh, my god ..." This catchphrase takes the Lord (LORD if recited in the Bible)'s Name in vain. He is voiced Tony Hale.



He is a black-stripped bird wearing a hat on his head and has a clown face painted on his head. What he really looks like without the makeup is unknown.


He seems to have a calm personality. Since he is a mime, he only acts things out; he does not talk at all. However, when shocking things go on, the thing he tends to say (the only thing he really says in the entire movie) is "Oh, my god..."


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