Mine and Dine 17-13
Episode Mine and Dine EP
Level Number 286
Birds Sequence Guru Dude Dude
No. of Pigs Teamster: x3 Teamster: x3
Headstrong: x2 Wonk: x1
3-star Score ThreeStars (Transparent): 85,000 points
Previous Next
Mine and Dine 17-12 Mine and Dine 17-14

Mine and Dine 17-13 is the thirteenth level of the third theme in Mine and Dine, the sixth episode in the original Angry Birds.


Strategy #1

Arc the Boomerang Bird over the main structure and spin it back into the last part of the second story. The boulder should fall rightward and the entire right side should be cleared. Lob the next Yellow Bird and accelerate just left of the hollow stone square. This should pop all remaining pigs.

Strategy #2

Shoot the Boomerang bird straight backwards and then boomerang him forward immediately (or you just need to shoot him forward to the wooden block). The thick wooden block at the left of the structure will be broken, make the whole left fall down along with the boulder to smash the crystals. Then, finish the rest with one or two Yellow Bird(s).

Video Walkthrough

Angry Birds 17-13 Mine & Dine 3 Star Walkthrough00:46

Angry Birds 17-13 Mine & Dine 3 Star Walkthrough

This video shows how to beat the level with Strategy #1.

Angry Birds Mine and Dine 17-13 Walkthrough00:46

Angry Birds Mine and Dine 17-13 Walkthrough

This video shows how to beat the level with Strategy #2.


  • In this level, the Moustache Pig on the far right is wearing a mining hat with three lights on it, identical to the one featured in the beginning Mine and Dine cut-scene. The three-light mining hat in the cut-scene is only worn by the King Pig.

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