Mocking Canyon - 10

Zone Mocking Canyon
Type Normal Battle
Enemies Shadowpig x1
Main Prize
Previous Next
Mocking Canyon - 9 Happy Spot - 1

Mocking Canyon - 10 is the last level of Mocking Canyon, which is the 11th cave of the Chronicle Caves. As with all the final, tenth levels of the Chronicle Caves, Mocking Canyon - 10 is a boss level. The player can play with up to 2 of their own birds, and can take one bird available from their friends. The battle has only 1 wave, and beating it will allow the player to advance to the next cave, Happy Spot.


Shadowpig has been deafeated! cage to Happy Spot has been opened.

Cave Effects


Poison Clouds - Deals 125 damage to all birds. Every 2 turns.

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