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For the Angry Birds Star Wars version, see the Grand Moff Tarkin entry in: Star Wars Characters.

For the Angry Birds Star Wars II version, see Count Dooku entry in: Star Wars II Characters.

Foreman Pig
Abilities None
First Appearance Theme 2-21
Gender Male
Species Pig
Locations Many
Strength Medium-Strong
Size Large

Foreman Pig(formerly known as Moustache Pig, also known as Grandpa Pig) is a species of Pigs in the Angry Birds series.They are considered the right-hand-pig to the King Pig, and are the second strongest of all the Pigs in the game. They first appear at the end of World 2, where a single Foreman Pig appears as the main enemy of Theme 2-21. Following the defeat of the first Foreman Pig, they are more commonly seen.


"The Foreman Pig is a wonk. He is a dedicated and responsible person who values order, discipline, and following the rules. He is admirably persistent, and he always deliver what he promise."

- Modified from the the Birdsonality Test.

Foreman Pig Bosses

Moustache Pig Toy Care

Foreman Pig

There have been four Foreman Pig bosses: Mr. Moustache (at the end of the second world in Poached Eggs) Mounting Moustache (at the end of the second world in Danger Above) Mason Moustache (at the end of the second world in The Big Setup) and Clint Eastbacon (at the end of the second world in Ham 'Em High). Mine and Dine are Cave Conqueror (Finish World 16), 1 in Angry Birds Space in Fry Me To The Moon level 3-10, and as Grand Moff Tarkin (in some levels in Death Star) in AB Star Wars. Also, these bosses are seen in some Angry Birds achievements.


  • A strong Red Bird is enough to pop the Foreman Pig in one shot, but it has to come from a great distance. Also, popping the Moustache Pig with a Red Bird will weaken the velocity of the Red Bird greatly.
  • Chuck, Bomb, Matilda's Egg Bomb, Hal,  Terence and Bubbles's inflating ability can be done instantly. Also Matilda's 2nd corpse and stone will do. It should be noted that the Blue Birds should be split before hitting the Pig.
  • You can't use wood or glass because it will not work on Foreman Pigs instantly, but wood will do if hit a few times.
  • Small Pigs that collapse on him will not work as he is too strong for it.



  • Foreman Pigs are also considered to be the most elderly of the Pigs due to their saggy eyes, orange eyebrows, and the fact that their nostrils sweat when they're hurt. 
  • Because of its tures, it was mistakenly labeled as Grandpa Pig on Angry Birds: Mega Smash.
  • Foreman Pigs are shaped differently then all the other pigs in the game.
  • When the birds fail a level, non-Chrome Moustache Pigs don't smile. Instead, they close their eyes in triumph, creating a facial expression that makes the pig look satisfied.
  • In Hogs and Kisses, he falls in love with a Female Pig in the credits, and Cupid Pig winks at the player in triumph.
  • In the Chrome version and Angry Birds Space, the Foreman Pigs' eyebrows are brown, not white.
  • Foreman Pig appears as a boss in the final level of Red Planet. However, he is not the main thing to beat.
  • Foreman Pig appears in the Bad Piggies Comic, but he is actually a Mechanic Pig in the comic. Also his appearance is exactly the same as he appears in the Toons, except the pupil on his right eye is normal black instead of light blue.
  • This might mean that Foreman Pig has a cataract in his right eye.
  • Moustache Pig is the official name as it is said in the (official) Angry Birds Annual 2013 so Grandpa Pig, Old Pig, Father Pig, Mayor Pig and Major Pig are all incorrect names for the Moustache Pig.
  • Foreman Pig, along with Corporal Pig and Chef Pig act more of antagonists than King Pig in Angry Birds Toons except in Slingshot 101.
  • In the song Ode to Snow, Foreman Pig's right eye had a cataract during his teenager years
  • In the song Ode to Snow, he says that he hates snow.
  • In the song Ode to Snow, he wears braces when he was a piglet.

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