Naboo Invasion B1-4 (Angry Birds Star Wars II)
Episode Naboo Invasion(Bird Side)
Level Number 4
Birds Sequence Obi-Wan Kenobi (young) copyObi-Wan Kenobi (young) copyObi-Wan Kenobi (young) copyObi-Wan Kenobi (young) copy
No. of Pigs ABSWIIP4 x3
3-star Score 56,000
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Naboo Invasion 1-3 (Bird Side)(Angry Birds Star Wars II) Naboo Invasion 1-5

Naboo Invasion 1-4 is the fourth level of Naboo Invasion (Bird Side)


Level is easy due to Obi-Wan's power.


Shoot Obi-Wan to the first pile of blocks and push them toward the pigs. This will kill all the pigs and give you enough points to get 3 stars.

Video Walkthrough

See Video Walkthrough.

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