Naboo Invasion P1-14 (Angry Birds Star Wars II)
Episode Naboo Invasion(Pork Side)
Level Number 14
Birds Sequence Battle droid copyBattle droid copyBattle droid copy
No. of Pigs Yellow Security x2 Red Security x3Captain Securityx1
3-star Score 55,000
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Naboo Invasion P1-13 (Angry Birds Star Wars II) Naboo Invasion P1-15 (Angry Birds Star Wars II)

Naboo Invasion P1-14 is the fourteenth level of Naboo Invasion (Pork Side).


Most people will depend on laser ricocheting for the winning of this level, but actually, it is not even needed in the level.


Send Battle Droid below the structure. When he gets far enough, shoot the black TNT on the back of the blocks. The explosion should clear the level and earn you enough points to get three stars.

Video Walkthrough

See Video Walkthrough

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