Naboo Invasion P1-3 (Angry Birds Star Wars II)
Episode Naboo Invasion(Pork Side)
Level Number 3
Birds Sequence Jango copyJango copyJango copy
No. of Pigs Yellow Security x4 Red Security x3 Captain Securityx1
3-star Score 85,000
Previous Next
Naboo Invasion P1-2 (Angry Birds Star Wars II) Naboo Invasion P1-4 (Angry Birds Star Wars II)

Naboo Invasion P1-3 is the third level of Naboo Invasion (Pork Side)


Fling the first Jango toward the big sguare metal block on top of the first bird. Whan you get near the block, shoot the square shaped platform below it. This will take the first tower down. The domino effect will take all the towers down with it.

Video Walkthrough

See Video Walkthrough.

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