Score Character Swap Strategy Walkthrough
Naboo invasion B1-1 (Angry Birds Star Wars II)
Episode Naboo Invasion(Bird Side)
Level Number 1
Birds Sequence Qui-Gon Jinn copyQui-Gon Jinn copyQui-Gon Jinn copy
No. of Pigs ABSWIIP4x1
3-star Score 30,000
Previous Next
None Naboo Invasion 1-2

Naboo Invasion B1-1 is the first level of Naboo Invasion (Bird Side).


This level can be done with any character.Below are strategies listed for all eligible characters.

Bird Strategy
Obi-Wan Kenobi (young) copy Fling Obi-Wan straight toward the structure. Push toward the right. This should clear the level.
Anakin Podracer copy Fling Anakin toward the wooden part of the structure. The podracer explosion will clear the level.
Anakin II copy Fling Anakin to the wooden part of the structure, Using lightsaber upon impact. This will clear the level.
Padme copy Same as Obi-Wan Kenobi (young) copy
Windu Fling Windu toward the structure, use lightsaber so that it kills the pig and also, does damage to the ice blocks while boomeranging back.
Yoda II copy Same as Anakin II copy
Jedi Youngling copy Fling the younglings toward the glass part of the structure. Split just before hitting. This will clear the level.
DoormanBirdTrans Fling Panaka to the bottom wood block. Fire lasers upwards. This will clear the level.
R2-d2 copy Same as DoormanBirdTrans
Chewbacca copy Fling Chewie straight at the structure. He will reduce everything to almost nothing.
Kit Fisto Fling Fisto straight ahead. Activate power before impact. This will clear the level.
Wicket Ewok Same as Jedi Youngling copy
Luke bird Same as Anakin II copy
Endor Luke copy Same as Anakin II copy
Luke helmet Same as Anakin II copy
Lando Same asDoormanBirdTrans
Han Same as DoormanBirdTrans

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